Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Day of Judgement : Dark Creations

Everyone has their own writing styles and interests. I have a particular interest in mythology and biblical references. Find what it is that inspires you and run with it. You must take inspiration from every aspect of life, whether they are dark or jubilant. You also have to take into account your target audience and choose how to implement your inspiration in an appropriate manner. Personally, my audience is mostly juvenile or adult readers. Although I am not religious, I have a strong understanding of biblical concepts. Lately, I have been thinking deeply about the apocalypse described in the book of Revelation when the war between heaven and hell commences and the world is destroyed. 

Recently, I wrote a poem inspired by a mix of the apocalypse spoken of in multiple religions. It goes as follows: 

Day of Judgement by Brandon Shaffer

Tears from Heaven begin to fall.
Angels shall fall too.
Trumpets from Hell commence their call;
Chaos does ensue.

Heaven and Hell on Earth Collide.
Disaster so profound.
Towards battle four horsemen ride.
In blood the world will drown.

Thanatos swoops down from on high;
Souls he must collect.
Foreshadowing mortal's fate to die,
Fears their faces do reflect.

Earth beneath the war doth crumble.
Hope all life doth lack.
Behemoth manifests ungodly rumble
Creating canyons from a crack.

Metallic skin tears earth like flesh.
Serpents tongue senses every fear.
Dark wings of indestructible mesh.
Crooked horns, the end is here. 

Friday, April 12, 2019


Poetry is a form of art not understood by many, but poems can be taken in many different ways, and open views of life never yet seen.
Words can be molded into tears and smiles from the poems that were read.
Poems open a slow creaking door into the heart and mind with many corridors leading to different paths.
And they can take you on a nice night walk...
-Night Walk Poetry

Friday, April 5, 2019

Setting The Mood With Music

Many people have a passion for music as well as writing. Many people enjoy listening to said music while writing. I love to write while listening to music that matches the mood of my writing. For instance, if I'm writing about something melancholy, I might put on something slow and emotional like the Jeff Healey version of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps."
"While My Guitar Gently Weeps" by Jeff Healey

When I'm writing about some soulful and emotional, I put music on that is also emotional and soulful. Many of my favorites are instrumentals like: "Soothsayer" or "Whitewash" by Buckethead
"Soothsayer" by Buckethead

If I'm working on something sporadic and fast paced, I often listen to shred guitar instrumentalists such as Steve Vai, Buckethead, Michael Angelo Batio, or Yngwie Malmsteen.
"Arpeggios From Hell" by Yngwie Malmsteen

Monday, April 1, 2019

Gentle Sway

For some people, inspiration can be hard to find. I personally believe that inspiration can be found anywhere. If you are creative enough, you can write about any topic. The whole goal of writing, in my opinion, is to enable the reader to experience the feelings that you experienced while writing it. Sometimes when I need to relax, I hike in the woods and leave society behind for awhile. I have written this poem on one such hike when I was bewildered by nature around me. I happened to get inspiration from a large oak tree standing alone upon a hill.

Gentle Sway by Brandon Shaffer

One lively tree sways in the breeze.
Mother bear lay on furry knees.
Lingering far below the sky
Bear prays that her cub does not die.

There is a colossal tree that scholars say
Can spiritually light the darkest way.
The wisest men of yesterday
Are asinine to Gentle Sway.

Through many ages of fiend and man
Gentle Sway conquers time again.
Although Sway is growing old,
His wisdom never ceases to unfold.
His limbs reach intently to the sky.
Bark surrounds his ever watchful eye.
His leaves, vibrant green as jade,
Sway's life force shall never fade.

Into the forest, man and beast alike
Travel far from metaphorical fyke.
Breaking from their routine day,
They venture to the tree named "Gentle Sway."
Just as the old behemoth shall eternally thrive,
Sway coaxed bear cub to survive. 

Though many are prudent, in a way,
None are as wise as Gentle Sway.

Living Life, Living Together

Since the beginning of the human race, there has always been conflict masquerading as necessity. Corruption has taken root in politics since the first government was formed approximately 5000 years ago. Corruption can still be found today in the political structures of many countries. At times it seems that governments do not care about their citizens and think of the citizens as fodder to send off to fight their battles. Thankfully, I was born and raised in the United States and although there is still corruption in some politicians, the country treats it's citizens well. Recently, I sat down and really thought through how the world leaders might feel in a time of war. I thought about how I might incorporate my feelings into poetry. I have written this poem as a citizen of the United States and member of the human race to promote peace throughout the world or at least to those that read my blog.

Living Life, Living Together by Brandon Shaffer

War mongers declare battle
Bursting with avarice.
Their people, valued no more than cattle,
Die for one man's naive bliss.
Extremist regime dictators
Visualize no end in sight.
Sundries of haters,
For what reason do they fight?

Imagining we're pious,
We find flaw in brother's trait.
Brotherhood once entwined us.
Now between us, only hate.
Performing deeds so disastrous,
We deserve harsh recompense.
Foolish hatred remains between us,
Spawned by minor difference.

Why is there war?
Perceptions of difference?
In hopes we battle no more,
Love all inhabitants.
Deprive yourself of fight.
Promote peace and detest war.
Live together; treat others right.
Manifest love like never before.

Sweet Insanity

Mental illness is a serious issue. A lot of people struggle to find things that they can enjoy and others simply don't know what they can do with their lives. I struggle with mental illness myself and can tell you that sometimes finding happiness might seem impossible. However, I have learned to express myself through writing as, most of the time, it allows me get the hard times out of mind and onto paper. It's true that psychological issues hinder us in many ways, but for me and many others, it can provide a sort of inspiration. After you've overcome what you think is impossible, the sense of satisfaction is almost unreal. I have found inspiration for my writing from the hard times and would like to share an original poem that can possibly resonate with many people.

Sweet Insanity by Brandon Shaffer

Deep in my mind sounds a beautiful voice.
She is impossible to efface by choice.
Making sweet melodies deep in my head,
She stays with me always, by day or by bed.

Because she exists, I'm never alone.
She gave me her music; I gave her a home.
With sweet Calliope, time I do spend.
Psychosis has given me a new friend.

My angel of music, I love her so.
In my mind's embrace, I'll never  let go.
Through changing seasons, I'll shiver and sweat
But she'll always be there to sing our duet.
I know that she won't leave anytime soon.
Nothing cajoles me like Calliope's tune.

Whether she's real or never there,
Her harmonies, in my mind, she will share.
Morning after morning, I lie in bed
As the beautiful voice sings songs in my head.
Her song, inspiration to hop to my feet
For nothing could possibly sound just as sweet.

Happiness from my madness.
Melodies from my sadness.
My insanity, I can use
To contact my muse. 


This blog will be comprised of creative writing/poetry written by yours truly as well as tips and tricks for beginners to writing or those that would like to improve upon their writing skills. I will answer any and all comments/questions that might be inquired upon. I will also be taking suggestions from my audience as to what they would like to see me write about.

Creative writing is the process of using an original idea or ideas to comprise literature that resonate with the reader. The reader should be able to visualize the events and feel the emotions that the writer felt when comprising said literary work. Your goal is to create an emotional piece of work while keeping true to linguistics and grammar(unless during character dialogue.)

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