Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts

"Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts" by Brandon Shaffer

Due to my efforts to forgive an forget,
I've been trapped in a labyrinth of lies.
For ages, the Trojan horse has been set.
I failed to hear the assailant's cries.

The face that launched a thousand ships;
I know that face quite well.
The bane of a thousand relationships;
I know it rings a bell.

Oh yes, She's why I lie awake at night,
My pillow soaked with tears.
I don't know who I am anymore
After she's haunted me for years.


"Friendship" by Brandon Shaffer

Friendships face the guillotine.
One remains firmly in bloom.
Too many come and go it seems
now resting soundly in their tomb.

Come a little closer my dear friend;
I impart these words to you.
I hope not to fail you in the end.
You've been a good friend through and through.

Time for me is at it's end.
Life's been such a trial. 
You know what my dear friend?
You've made it all worthwhile.

Touch the Sky

"Touch the Sky" by Brandon Shaffer

How I long to touch the skies
like a falcon with silver wings.
I wonder if the songbirds hear my cries
And aim to soothe me when they sing.

For surely, they know what it's like
To fall short of the heavens;
To find wanting for more.
Exasperated by a world truly suffocating.

Story Idea 2

The main character was born unable to walk. It bothered him that he couldn't play sports like the other kids. As he grew older, he was bullied, being called things like "weak" and "useless." He prayed to God for help but to no avail. Through sheer willpower, he grows a pair of wings and takes to the skies.

Story Idea 1

A high school student named Jeremy discovers a watch buried in his attic. The watch has the power to predict the time of death of the person standing in front of him. It also has the ability to transform into a scythe and cloak the wearer in darkness. The main character actually comes from a family of grim reapers.

If You Were Mine

"If You Were Mine" by Brandon Shaffer

If I could have anything,
I'd have you in my arms.
We would dance and sing; I'd buy you a ring
So please don't be alarmed.

Everything I have, I'd give it up for you.
No matter what it is, my words would still hold true.
Even when you're old and gray, my love for you would remain.
I'd fight for you and die for you, through even hell's domain.

We would have a happy life
Together with some kids.
I would make you my wife and save you from strife.
I'd make sure you were never his.

You can do better; you could be mine.
The way you laugh can blow my mind.
When we talk, it's infinite bliss.
Please let me seal it with a kiss.

Love Freely Flows

"Love Freely Flows" by Brandon Shaffer

Into the heart,
Love freely flows.
And from the start,
It was destined to grow.

Over hills and mountains far;
Into the depths of the sea,
I'll always be where you are
As long as you believe.

Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts

"Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts" by Brandon Shaffer Due to my efforts to forgive an forget, I've been trapped in a ...