Wednesday, June 5, 2019

If You Were Mine

"If You Were Mine" by Brandon Shaffer

If I could have anything,
I'd have you in my arms.
We would dance and sing; I'd buy you a ring
So please don't be alarmed.

Everything I have, I'd give it up for you.
No matter what it is, my words would still hold true.
Even when you're old and gray, my love for you would remain.
I'd fight for you and die for you, through even hell's domain.

We would have a happy life
Together with some kids.
I would make you my wife and save you from strife.
I'd make sure you were never his.

You can do better; you could be mine.
The way you laugh can blow my mind.
When we talk, it's infinite bliss.
Please let me seal it with a kiss.

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