Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Day of Judgement : Dark Creations

Everyone has their own writing styles and interests. I have a particular interest in mythology and biblical references. Find what it is that inspires you and run with it. You must take inspiration from every aspect of life, whether they are dark or jubilant. You also have to take into account your target audience and choose how to implement your inspiration in an appropriate manner. Personally, my audience is mostly juvenile or adult readers. Although I am not religious, I have a strong understanding of biblical concepts. Lately, I have been thinking deeply about the apocalypse described in the book of Revelation when the war between heaven and hell commences and the world is destroyed. 

Recently, I wrote a poem inspired by a mix of the apocalypse spoken of in multiple religions. It goes as follows: 

Day of Judgement by Brandon Shaffer

Tears from Heaven begin to fall.
Angels shall fall too.
Trumpets from Hell commence their call;
Chaos does ensue.

Heaven and Hell on Earth Collide.
Disaster so profound.
Towards battle four horsemen ride.
In blood the world will drown.

Thanatos swoops down from on high;
Souls he must collect.
Foreshadowing mortal's fate to die,
Fears their faces do reflect.

Earth beneath the war doth crumble.
Hope all life doth lack.
Behemoth manifests ungodly rumble
Creating canyons from a crack.

Metallic skin tears earth like flesh.
Serpents tongue senses every fear.
Dark wings of indestructible mesh.
Crooked horns, the end is here. 

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