Tuesday, June 4, 2019

From Sweet to Bitter

Awhile back, I wrote the poem "Sweet Insanity," detailing my mental health during a manic state. I have written another poem similar but when I was sorely depressed and mentally unstable.

"From Sweet to Bitter" by Brandon Shaffer

Dead silence all around me,
The voice inside explodes.
Shrieks from deep within me,
I can fight no more.

There's a pilot commandeering 
A portion of my brain.
The more he skews his steering,
The more I go insane.

A voice once beautiful.
A voice once euphonious,
Now is a voice of anger and suffering.

Mental barriers bind him,
The monster trapped within.
Blood curdling screams curse my ears,
Although the voice, as a blessing appeared.

Chilling my blood;
Shaking my soul,
Every moment, I battle this ghoul. 
This battle, I need to win
Or I'll be trapped by my mind's prison.

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